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Concert at Yeshurun Central Synagogue 5th July
Concert at Yad Vashem 7th July
Yiddish and Duets Concert
Shana Tova
Independence Day- Yeshurun Synagogue
Concert 100 Voices Jerusalem
New Jersey Weekend
Concert in Boca Raton
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The Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute is the worlds leading institution training traditional Chazzanim and Baalei Tfilah.

Graduates of TACI serve some of the most prominent synagogues in leading Jewish Communities worldwide. This institution was founded with a vision and far-reaching perspective regarding the importance of preserving the world of Chazzanut and nusach Hatfilah for generations to come.

Chazzanut is the music of the Jewish people. The Chazzan our songster. His music must inspire, yet at all times remain true to the traditional Nusach. In Europe, where the art of Chazzanut flourished, people would flock to the synagogue to listen to a Chazzan. The holocaust nearly brought an end to this rich tradition. With a revived interest in Jewish Liturgy, Chazzanut is experiencing a Renaissance, indeed a revival amongst Jews throughout the world.

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